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WindCat Workboats 101 Offshore Crew Vessel

Naval architects Morrelli & Melvin, collaborating with Lancashire, UK based Windcat Workboats, has designed a new 27 meter catamaran wind farm crew transport vessel. Morrelli & Melvin initially completed resistance, drag and safekeeping tank tests on the new series of Windcat Workboats designed to transport crews to offshore wind farms and difficult to access sites. Driven by four 720 kW MTU V8 marine diesels, the 27-meter aluminum vessels can travel in excess of 30 knots. Hull #1 has been a great success, exceeding her design performance specifications..  

Windcat Workboats is the industry leader in wind farm crew transport vessels and has over 30 Morrelli & Melvin designed vessels working in Europe. Morrelli & Melvin began working with Windcat in 2002, resulting in an innovative 15 meter aluminum power catamaran design that is still the design that other wind farm vessel builders aspire to. Larger derivative versions of this venerable design are still being produced.

Accessing offshore wind farm installations, which are often located in dangerous waters, can prove difficult, especially during hazardous weather conditions. Windcat Workboats offers a safe and more comfortable solution to the challenges of delivering crews to and from hostile offshore environments.

Windcat Workboats Ltd
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