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The first of a series Morrelli & Melvin 65' performance cruising catamarans built by Westerly Marine in Santa Ana, California was launched in March 2010. 

"We're proud of the Morrelli & Melvin 65' design. We built on the knowledge in design, materials and systems information that we have gained from the variety of projects that we have been working on to produce a state-of-the-art catamaran," said Pete Melvin, Morrelli & Melvin co-founder.

"The Morrelli & Melvin boats built in collaboration with Westerly Marine showcase the latest hull shapes, which are designed to improve performance, reduce pitching and provide more comfort through a broad range of sailing and cruising conditions."

M&M's Project Manager, David McCollough, states, "The M&M 65 is our lightest and most refined cruising catamaran in this size range to date."

Morrelli & Melvin and Westerly are employing advanced construction methods to improve the structural integrity of the composite yacht and reduce labor costs.

Identifiable Morrelli & Melvin 65' features include pre-preg carbon structures, wave-piercing hulls, protected aft cockpit helm stations and modern and customized interior appointments.

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