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The Morrelli & Melvin 41 ft / 12.5 m trimaran Alinghi was commissioned by Ernesto Bertarelli for class racing on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Alinghi  was built at Decision SA,, and launched in April 1995.

"Alinghi is an evolution of Happycalopse" in many respects including sail area, beam, rig, and hull design. Alinghi is a 3900 pound carbon prepreg 41 foot trimaran which carries up to 3300 square feet of sail area. This hybrid trimaran flies two hulls in 8 knots of breeze and will achieve speeds up to 30 knots. Her retractable racks carry up to five people for additional righting moment.

Alinghi is competing directly with Happycalopse which has the most successful record in the 12.5 m class. In her first season, Alinghi won the season championship.

Both boats incorporate a hydraulic mainsheet to control the massive mainsail. Only roller furling reachers are necessary for off wind sailing, so the crew work is kept reasonable. Alinghi and Happycalopse have taken advantage of North Sails 3DL seamless sails for lighter, stronger, and better shaped sails. The boats sail between 19 and 45 degrees apparent wind angles, creating an ice-boat-like feeling of wind in your face at all times.

In 1996, the Morrelli & Melvin designed Alinghi was able to edge out her (older) sister hip Happycalopse for the season championship in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. With fierce competition all year long, Ernesto Bertarelli's Alinghi was able to hold off Marco Landolt and Bertrand Cardis aboard Happycalopse.

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